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Aspect “Reliability and sustainable development of electricity generation”

Electricity is the basic infrastructure sector, supplying electricity and heat to all other sectors of the economy. The level of social and economic development of the country and the life of each person are directly connected with energy consumption. The company occupies a niche place in meeting the demand for electricity and, accordingly, one of its priority tasks is high-tech development of electricity generation in a long-term development strategy. This is the implementation of investment program for construction of new facilities, the reconstruction of current equipment with the use of technologies to reduce the impact on the environment and improve energy efficiency, this is the task of ambitious development of RE generation, and this is a large-scale transformation and increase of operating efficiency.

In order to fulfill the country’s task on energy security, the work on ensuring technical readiness (including scheduled shutdown and maintenance) of EPO equipment is conducted on an ongoing basis to carry a given load. Current, new and potential customers of the Company are analyzed as well as the planning and prompt synchronization is conducted with the data of the department in charge of plant’s readiness.

On a permanent basis, the Company together with other representatives of the Working Group at the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan is working on issues of capacity market, environment and nature management.

The following activities are carried out as part of formation of the Company’s position relating to export supplies:

Creation of Common Electricity Market of EEU (hereinafter – EEU CEM).

Formation of the Common Electricity Market of CIS EPS.

In the course of development of proposals for creation of EEU CIM, the Company participated in the meetings of the Subcommittee for the establishment of EEU CIM and the Advisory Committee for Power Industry under the Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission (hereinafter – EEC).

Aspect “Development of innovation and operating efficiency”

The Company’s long-term development strategy implies the addressing of an issue of decarbonizing the Republic of Kazakhstan’s economy and optimization of the operation of generating facilities through technological efficiency secured by the development of competencies in R&D.

The fuel for the Company’s main generating sources is the high-ash coal of Ekibastuz coalfield.

To ensure rational and environmentally responsible use of fuel and energy resources, a scientific research work is conducted in cooperation with Nazarbayev University: “Development of furnace equipment technology of boiler units for burning high-ash coals of Ekibastuz deposit’s seam No.3 and depleted coal / coal by-products”.

In order to conduct this research work, a research laboratory was established on the territory of private institution “Nazarbayev University Research and Innovation System”.

The work involves the creation of an experimental plant for burning high-ash coal. According to the results of work, a technological model of the gas-dynamic processes of an FB (fluidized bed) or the CFB (circulating fluidized bed) industrial installation and feasibility study of building a TPP with FB and CFB boilers will be developed.

As part of the task of economic sectors digitization, the Company took the initiative to implement the projects “Digital Power Plant” and “Digital Coal mine”.

The first project is to create a digital power plant on the basis of Ekibastuz SDPP–1, which will collect and process an industrial data, mathematical models of equipment, analytical algorithms, and which will monitor remotely and diagnose the technical condition of main and auxiliary equipment in real time. This will allow optimizing the operation modes of the power plant’s power units. helping to reduce the human factor in hazardous and labor-intensive areas, increasing the efficiency and flexibility of production and management processes, increasing the productivity, reliability and safety of equipment.

The second project envisages the creation of a unified automated system for managing production processes of coal mining and shipment, processing and analysis of digital data of the coalmine in real time mode at “Bogatyr Komir” LLP. This will increase the productivity of quarry equipment, reduce energy consumption and the cost of coal mining.

In order to eliminate the consumption of fuel oil, stabilize the combustion of the pulverized-coal flare under reduced loads when burning high-ash coals at the Company’s thermal power plants, it is planned to develop and implement a project on introduction of technology for the system of oil-free starting up of boiler units (plasma-fuel system). The implementation of the project will improve the technical, economic and environmental performance of power plants.

Aspect “Energy Efficiency”

The Company’s Management Board approved the Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency Program.

The program is a fundamental document for planning and implementing activities in the field of energy conservation and energy efficiency.

The purpose of this program is to develop measures for rational and economically feasible use of fuel and energy resources based on the use of innovative technologies.

As part of ongoing work on energy conservation and energy efficiency, activities are implemented in accordance with approved plans. At the end of the year, 69 activities aimed at reducing consumption of fuel and energy resources were implemented.

Energy consumption within the organization

There is a decrease in overall fuel consumption in 2014–2016. According to results of 2017, the increase in fuel consumption (coal. gas) is associated with an increase in electricity generation at ESDPP–1 (exports to Russia), as well as an increase in the installed capacity of Aktobe CHP with the commissioning of a new turbine unit No. 3 in 2016.

Consumption within the organization





Total fuel consumption, 106 GJ, incl:















Fuel oil















Total electricity consumption, 103 mln. kWh





Total heat consumption, 106 GJ





Total electricity consumption, 106 GJ





In comparison with the base year of 2014, in general, energy consumption tends to decrease.

A decrease in motor fuel consumption (gasoline) by 15 % was achieved in comparison with 2016, which is due to the transfer of part of vehicles to gas. Reducing fuel oil consumption by 12 % was achieved due to a reduction in frequency of starts of power units from the reserve at ESDPP–1, as well as stabilization of gas supplies to APP JSC CHP–1.

Energy intensity

The energy intensity of the gross commodity product of the Company following the results of 2017 was 29 tons of 
r.f./mln. tenge which is due to an increase in electricity generation by 28 % compared with 2016 and the retirement of assets (privatization of MDPGC and EK REC).

The volumes of consumption of fuel and energy resources within the organization, as well as the volumes of electricity and heat production, electricity transferred, coal extracted were used in this figure.

Ton of reference fuel/mln. tenge